Woke Wasted Live Workshop 12/5 - A Journey to Truth: Navigate Your Awakening & Claim Your Deep Truth
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" Neil has a way of cracking you open. He has anticipated exactly what I need along each step of my journey to provide me quantum leaps of personal & spiritual growth.

His ability to sense this and serve & support in the perfect way are nothing short of mind-blowing. Bottom line? You'd better be ready to buckle up & grow if you commit to working with him.

-Benjamin, Life Coach & Host of the "Why the World Needs You" Podcast

Talk It Out With Neil

Running in circles, feeling a little off, or just not sure where to go or what to do next?

I'll listen to you with no judgement and help you figure out what to do next. Let's take a load off your shoulders, take a deep breath, and get you reset with a sense of clarity & direction.

Each talk is 50 minutes together over video

Talk It Out - $85
3 Talks - $215 (save $40)

Akashic Record Readings

Have an easy conversation with source to guide you through this part of your life.

Heal old lessons, shift forward, and leave feeling happy + whole.


1 Hour Sessions Include: a Personal Message From the Guides, Q & A time, & Guided Energetic Release

Wanna Know More?

Freedom Formula

Clear through the old for good & step into soul alignment through 4 weeks of nourishing spiritual healing. 

Find your freedom through a combination of the Akashic Records, channeling, and energy work.


Find Your Freedom

Life Purpose Creator

Feeling stuck as you start to realize there's a bigger path and purpose you were meant for?


Work with me for 8 weeks through my signature Life Purpose course as we clear through blocks, rewrite your story, align your life to your heart, and create your purpose as your soul meant for you to live out this lifetime.


You'll be supported by:

Coaching, Weekly Lessons, Assignments

a blend of the Akashic Records, Channeling, Energy Work, & Channeled Meditations


Live Your Purpose

Poetry & Pieces of my Heart

Let Freedom Ring

Jun 10, 2020

In Her Earth I Melt

Jun 03, 2020

In Your Mind, I am Nothing (A Poem on God, Source, & Spirit)

May 31, 2020

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