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" Neil has a way of cracking you open. He has anticipated exactly what I need along each step of my journey to provide me quantum leaps of personal & spiritual growth.

His ability to sense this and serve & support in the perfect way are nothing short of mind-blowing. "

-Benjamin, Life Coach & Podcast Host

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My name's Neil.

I'm a lover of the heart & its power.

I'm a knower of the soul & its wisdom.

and most of all...

I'm a believer in people, the good that we hold, and the loving greatness we get to live as in this thing called life.

We all have our stories and lessons. Given some nurturance and the right amount of sunlight, aka support, they can become something amazing.

Your life doesn't define you. It builds you into something more. You get to live a life worth something more.

Let's find that more together and get to livin.

1-on-1 Readings

We'll bring you clarity on your life so you can move forward without any doubts.

I'll give you guidance from soul, source, & the Akashic Records so you leave with exactly what you need to know.

You'll release what's needed to shift & align to what's really meant to be.


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Soul Mentorship 

Does it feel like time for more?

Craving spiritual expansion and personal transformation?

Work personally with Neil for 3 months to change your life from the inside out.

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Want to Manifest?

Learn to embody your soul's energy and manifest its abundance with this 6-week course channeled from the Akashic Records 

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