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"This experience is like sitting down to coffee to have a deep and meaningful conversation with the guides in your life that want the best for you and see the highest good in you. You feel the truth they speak resonate in your cells. You hear the words land with a profound knowledge of their wisdom. The grounding calm settles your bones.

You leave feeling nourished, seen, held and loved in the ways that you need to move forward on this very sacred part of the path of your life."


"The world is going through tremendous shifts as well as my own personal life. I'm so grateful that I connected with Neil and his ability to offer guidance that deeply resonates and comforts my mind, body, and soul. One of the best sessions that I had with him provided soul answers to questions that I was seeking by helping me to shift my perspective of understanding. Isn't that what they say a miracle is...the ability to shift perspective.

Neil has helped to shift my perspective through his word with the records, meditations, and writings. I'm beyond blessed to have connected with him and his work!"


What Happens In A Reading?

1 hour with the Records includes a 10-15 minute opening message, Question & Answer time,

and guided energetic release & transformation


Limited low rate sessions available HERE (low rate sessions are on Saturdays at 10:30 am PST only)

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What Are The Records?

The Records are the understanding of your soul and it's lives past, present, and future...almost like an energetic record of you!

Sessions are a deeply filling breath of fresh air. This is the purest accessible source of knowledge, wisdom, and energy. They hold an understanding of your soul's progression, it's lives, experiences, and lessons.

How Do Readings Work?

I connect to the Guides of the Records who speak through me to give you a 1-on-1 conversation. With the awareness of where you are in your life & soul path, they give you exactly what you need to understand and move through your current situation.

Being in the energy flow of the Records will naturally help you release, heal, and grow. They will also take you through a guided energetic release and activation. This is often a mix of emotional & physical release, inner child work, spiritual connection + growth, & self empowerment. 

Who Are Readings For?

Most people I work with are ready for more in their life. They often feel stuck in some sense and are ready to finally let go.

Many people who find me tend to be spirituals, coaches, business owners, and even everyday people just trying to figure out their life! My readings are great for people opening into their spirituality and also for deepening spiritual connection for those lightworkers ready for the next step of their intuitive path.

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The healing session with Neil was nothing short of mind-blowing. My entire body was vibrating and I felt completely out of my body at the same time. I felt my guides speaking to me through him. I got one of the most potent messages for both my life and business that will completely shift every step I take moving forward.

This is life-changing work and I’m so grateful to have had this experience. I will continue to work with Neil and highly recommend anyone seeking purpose or fulfillment in life alongside greater clarity as to what path to follow.


My akashic record reading session with Neil was quite a pleasant surprise. It was a first for me and not something that I felt super comfortable with going in.

As a relative newbie to all things spiritual, I was a little tentative. Neil just has a knack for making you comfortable though. I quickly relaxed into the reading and just absorbed everything. It was extremely insightful and powerful. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about growing and is looking to evolve into a higher version of themself.


If I ever need clarity on something in my life and I want a reading on it, you're the first person I go to. There's always a mix of gravity and lightheardedness that comes through you. Not only that, but your stuff is EFFECTIVE. Long story short, nobody else's records sessions have changed my life as much as yours and I'm super grateful.