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How to Live as Your New More True Self in 2021

soul spirituality true self Jan 18, 2021

The magic of the new year is the ability to truly have things start new for ourselves in our lives and within our bodies. But this year is extra special.

Last year we experienced more collectively and individually than we could have ever known possible. The things we’ve learned about ourselves through this collective experience are part of our paths into a deeper aligned place of being.

The last few months I’ve found myself face to face with the old in a different way, in a way that’s more significant than times past. The old and it’s patterns, beliefs, and habits continue to come up in a way that feels final. That’s the energy that this newness in 2021 carries-finality of the old.

Clients, friends, people I’ve spoken to have said the same. They are done with the old and shifting in ways that are just occurring naturally. 

“I’m done with it”

“Screw it, I’m not waiting”

“It’s just happening”

...All things I’ve heard in the new energy.

But don’t get me wrong, it still takes conscious effort and we are still transitioning. This is why its important to acknowledge how we are going about this transition. The power of our choices and actions mean more than ever.

When we choose the new, when we choose to not let the old hang around, when we choose to see the old coming up in our lives as a final wave of “hello old friend” and respond back “thank you and goodbye”… we choose the new.

Here are some questions to check-in with yourself for you as you move forward this January and February

“What came up last year to be seen & understood? What of these things am I still holding on to?”

“How am I still giving my power away to the past?”

“What can I do to choose to see myself a new? To choose to live in ways a new?”

“What does it mean to be more deeply and fully myself”

… more deeply and fully yourself. This is the most important idea I can share with you. Yes, we are new. But new doesn’t mean being someone or somebody else. It means being more authentically and fully yourself-the self that no longer carries the past. By choosing not to allow the past into the present you create space for who you truly are, space to live and express as your authentic self. The true, deep, full self that is already inside you.

What’s inside you waiting to come to life? Who is waiting inside you coming to life? Especially without the old judgements and limiting beliefs…who are you now?

In the New Year episode of my podcast, Woke Wasted, the Akashic Records channeled through a teaching and energetic activation to help you connect to your New Self . This was recorded in episode 18 called "Living in the Magic of the New Self"  (Woke Wasted  this will take you to the podcast, if you aren't already a subscriber).

This was a powerful channeling and I wanted to make sure as many people get to receive it as possible. If you'd like to go directly to the channeling, it begins at 9:48 and the new self activation is at 14:08

An if you're interested in learning more about what the New Self means for you or what the guides have to share about your transition into your true self, you're always welcome to schedule an Akashic Record Reading


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