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In Her Earth I Melt

In my chest I stand tall.

A penetrating force of

creation, protection, safety.

Rooted firmly as an anchor digging

its heels into her earth.


Her wild flames strand by strand flowing in wind

Air and fire.

Her gentle kiss of freedom in a freckle on her dimple

Life and love.


How can such wilderness be harnessed in softness.

How can such such softness hold her wild fire.


Her magic.

The force of spirit tamed in her body, untamed.


I feel the maternal caress, the playful daughter.

The salty waves of ocean unknown.

The soul of spirit in her heart.


The Universe in her eyes.


My chest drops.

Walls shatter.

Sword and shield lay powerless on her ground.


I feel my heart.

The soul of source beneath it.

No longer buried. Open and raw.


Breath taken. Breathe less.

Shaken to my knees.


In her earth, I melt.


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