$135 - Join Manifest from the Soul
This is a channeled course from the Akashic Records
The lessons, practices, and healing activations come directly from Source

"I want to say THANK YOU... Already, it's just been two weeks but I do feel changed. I feel stronger, more rooted, empowered yet not from wanting to "force" things to happen but rather from love and trust. I'm finding myself and through that finding my voice and my strength."

Warren, Actor & Fitness Coach

This is for the hearts that...

  • feel a deeper pull for more knowing that they truly deserve it

  • crave a greater connection to Source, Spirit, and their true self

  • want to be at peace in their body and life

  • have worked on themselves & taken aligned action, but are in a plateau or repeating cycle

  • are stuck and can’t seem to change & move forward

  • have tried to manifest over & over and go nowhere

These are signs of the soul calling to move beyond our old lives & selves into something greater. Your soul is calling you to connect with it more powerfully.
Manifest from the Soul teaches you to intentionally connect bringing your body, energy & life into alignment with your soul's abundance. 

Manifest from the Soul is Special...

Hear & Heal Through Your True Self and Its Voices

Listen to and express the voices of your soul, inner child, heart, & true self allowing you to heal and receive the fullness of your inner knowing.

Deepened Spiritual Connection & Intuitive Gifts

Expand your ability to hold spiritual energy in your body by developing your energetic channel i.e. kundalini pathway (the channel of manifestation).

Move into Flow with Life & Energy Itself

Cultivate and direct your life force energy by using the power of your intention to bring your abundant soul energy into your body, field & life. 

Lessons & Healings Channeled Directly from Source

Learn embodied manifestation practices directly from spirit while receiving integration videos from Neil alongside practical journaling prompts.

Manifestation is About Energy & This Course Surrounds You In It

You'll have a heart chakra meditation charged by multiple master healers, channeled lessons, & recorded Akashic Record healing videos.

Long Term Inside-Out Changes to Shift Your Life

Major manifestations require changing your own energy to match your manifestation. You'll hold this vibration to impact your life's energy for good. 

$135 - Join Manifest from the Soul

What do you get from doing Manifest from the Soul?

You bring your internal & life energy into alignment with your manifestation.

The difference here is your manifestation is coming from your soul. These manifestations are bigger, more powerful, and truly belong to you.

Manifesting at the level of the soul means these manifestations take time, but within these 6 weeks you'll be on your path to receiving it.

I Believe In You

You deserve more. You always have. 

The life that you know is waiting for you...the love, the abundance, the pure depth of fulfillment. You deserve that and more. I hope you never settle for less.

You’ve been working hard to get there. You’ve done all the right things time and time again. You’ve worked on yourself, challenged yourself, dug deep to really see yourself. There’s always been that one piece you haven’t been able to reach and that’s okay.

..It all unfolds in layers. But its time for that last layer to be shed and for you to stand full in your body & life. 

I know you’ve found yourself, lost yourself, rebuilt yourself, yet are still craving that true heartfelt self and the life that aligns with that. You’re on your way there. Together, we'll get there.

So shine your light forward. You’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible in your life. That first breaking free was just the start. Now you’re going to live free, from that deeply embodied place. You’re going to live the life that your soul always whispered to you through your heart saying "this is possible for me".

It’s time to connect deeply to your soul, to hear its words, to live in its energy, and the life that belongs to you.

Welcome to Manifest from the Soul. You deserve your Manifestation. 



What's Happens in Manifest from the Soul?

You unravel the layers separating you from the powerfully magnetic energy of your soul. When you connect to this energy, you connect to the flow of pure abundant life force energy. Your body then becomes more connected & sensitive to energy. 

You'll learn to utilize this energy by using your intention. The power of your intention combined with embodied breath practices brings source energy into your body & your soul's energy into your life...You Manifest from the Soul.


This Course Features...

6 Weeks of Channeled Lessons (with lifetime access) Each lesson is channeled directly from the Akashic Records to teach specific practices building up to your manifestation. These lessons are unique & only exist within this course. This is different from traditional manifestation or Law of Attraction techniques. You will boost your ability to apply other traditional techniques intentionally with more source energy.

Weekly Akashic Record Healing Videos to Activate Your Energy Channeled video sessions share extra teachings & give you access to energy healing at home, accessible anytime.  

Weekly Assignments The Akashic Records provide weekly assignments including questions, journaling prompts, and practices to help you cultivate your energetic connection and manifestation.

Support from Neil Extra videos are provided to explain the lessons & apply these practices to your daily life. Support from Neil is also available within each lesson's comment section.

"The Heart of Manifesting" Energetically Charged Meditation Music This meditation track is energetically charged by 3 master healers & played on an indigenous heart chakra flute. This track helps you to heal, drop into deep meditative states, and connect to your Soul's energy.  

$135 - Join Manifest from the Soul

Hey There, I'm Neil

…and I believe in the true ability of people and the gifts that come through connecting to the power of who we each really are inside. Every person deserves the divine gift that is yourself. 

I’m a Spiritual Mentor and Emotional Healer helping people to live in the freedom and fulfillment that comes from living as the true self. I’m a channel, Akashic Records soul reader, and I co-host the Woke Wasted podcast all to help people along their soul’s path. I bring in a little bit of everything with my background as a once (shortly) ordained Buddhist monk and a Master's degree focusing on clinical mental health.

The Theme of Each Week

Your Channel Within

Open your connection to your heart, body, & inner child as the entry point to expanding your body's manifestation channel.

Tapping Into the Guidance of Your Body's Knowing

Build trust with your body as you begin to take aligned action with your needs. Separate from the past as you settle into the flow of full presence. 

Bringing What is Within to Life

Start connecting to your soul as you uncover what blocks your energy & gets in the way of your manifestations while, also, putting energy into the shifts to come.

Love What Is, Then You May Become

Denial of self is a denial of source.  Fully love your shadows & open your capacity to fully receive from Source.

Above, Below, Within... Embodied

Embody your connection with Source, both above & below, as you bring both into your body and energy.

Manifesting Through You

Bring your manifestation to life through the energy of your soul, with help from the Akashic Records.

Manifest Students Have Given All 5 Star Reviews

"People underestimate the importance of connecting with their bodies and inner channels. This course helps to realign ourselves. It is a really great step for anyone who is on a self-care journey."


"Neil's vibe is contagiously delicious and supportive. The depth of empathy and understanding allows me to give myself permission to open up beyond what I thought I would say to someone I haven't known long at all"


"Do it. You're interested for a reason, so listen to the call from within. If it scares you to listen to your soul and body, all the more reason you're probably interested. You're going to come out more "you" than you already are."


The Breakthroughs Have Been Big...

  • Had some heavy days and this particular practice/meditation was much needed. Truly needed. I can feel my ego mind wanting to default to what it's known but my Soul knows that it no longer serves me to be and think that way... I, the true I, can breathe and is coming into power. Amazing stuff.
  • I totally feel you on the career piece, lots trying to come through me and it’s scary shit to grow into it so it’s time to get out of my own way
  • These last two lessons have really just began to shift things from within.
  • Amazing ... "Let your triggers take you to your greatest gifts." This has such profound meaning to me right now. This is by no coincidence especially with the things that I've been feeling career-wise and creatively. Super important not to judge my "triggers" but to honour and explore them so they can help bring more love and understanding. I'm into it.
  • I’m so grateful I am taking this course! I can’t believe how many connections I made in week 2 and I’m excited to see where the rest of the course takes me.

  • The ease of the practice and the simplicity of the practice. It's really not hard to connect to your soul and body if you're willing.

Joining Manifest from the Soul Gives You...

  • 6 Weeks of Channeled Lessons, Practices, & Assignments with Lifetime Course Access (including all updates)
  • Weekly Healing & Activating Channeled Videos from the Akashic Records 
  • Inside Course Support from Neil
  • The Heart of Manifesting Meditation Track Energetically Charged by 4 Master Healers

Manifest & Change Your Life from the True Abundance of Your Soul

It's time for good changes that bring what you deserve.

I love you & can't wait for you to live in your soul's abundance. Just wait until you experience everything that comes of this & the life that's waiting for you. 

$135 - Join Manifest from the Soul