Manifest from the Soul

The answer to your abundance is already within you.

Manifest your deepest desires by connecting to your true magnetic self. 

This course channeled from the Akashic Records teaches you to access this innate gift & live in your flow of abundance.

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These clips from Manifest from the Soul

are part of channeled lessons sharing about what happens within your 6 weeks. 

"In the end what we are doing here is getting you into the flow of life. This is spiritual flow, energetic flow, flow state, abundance... When you live in the present, you are in flow. When you are concerned living based off of fear of future what if's, then you are not present or in flow. When you are worried thinking about the past letting it fully control your life, you are not in flow. When you are fully present, being with yourself, listening to the guidance that comes through in each day and moment...oh baby, you are in flow.

Now why flow?


Everything you could ever want comes from living in flow.

This doesn't mean ignoring real life, obligations, necessary discipline, or anything like that. It means actually honoring that. Because the more you pay attention to yourself and honor your true inner (often unspoken/unaware) needs, the more you are able to show up in the rest of your life. Except you are able to show up from with a full cup, feeling good, and that flow translates into the rest of your life. All the sudden obligations and discipline are effortless. That's the beauty of flow.

Cultivate flow in one place of your slowly spreads and grows everywhere"

"You deserve to be all of this. You deserve to be the healthiest embodied expression of this and to be able to receive all the joy and excitement that comes with this. This is the version of you that is lying deep within your soul waiting to be awoken within this body and life of yours.

Pay attention to that last line.... it's the version of you that is lying deep within. It's already you. You aren't becoming somebody else. You are tapping into a part of you that you already hold and just giving it room to breathe. You're giving it room to express itself the way you've begun to give these other parts of yourself room to express themselves in your life"