$450.00 USD

Terms of Services & Informed Consent

This Client Acknowledgment will be kept on file for 3 years. This document may be saved or printed by the Client. The Client also has the right to request an electronic copy of this document by emailing [email protected] at any given point.

Under the above state terms, as the Client, I have been provided with a copy of this document, in accordance with California state law SB 577.

Services Included

  • 1 Akashic Record Reading
  • 3 recorded channeling readings
  • 3 30-minute distance energy work sessions
  • 4 weekly online lessons including journaling prompts
  • 4 weekly recorded healing meditations

Note: All services occur for 4 consecutive weeks from date of purchase. Lifetime access will be granted to all online material


The Freedom Formula understands the time restraints of the client's life and strives to be diligent and timely to all sessions. This expectation is also with to the Client. All sessions are expected to begin on time and last no longer than the scheduled duration of the session. Clients are expected to be on time and adhere to the start and end time of each session.

If the Client needs to cancel or reschedule the appointment, the Client must do so 24 hours in advance; otherwise, the Client will forfeit that appointment. The client may reschedule 3 total appointments through the duration of the program.

Any unused session will expire after the 4 week duration of the program.


The Client understands that the cost of the Program is $450 paid in full prior to the start of the Program. All purchases are final and are NOT subject to refund or exchange at any point.

I agree to the above payment schedule. My failure to make payments may result in further collection action. The Freedom Formula will have full discretion for unpaid accounts and will take necessary action to collect any unpaid balances.


The Client understands that intuitive guidance provided in channeling, readings, and energy work is NOT a primary treatment. Therefor the stated services are not intended to replace, diagnose, assess for, or treat medical or psychiatric conditions. Any existing, newly occurring, or urgent medical and/or psychiatric conditions should be immediately discussed with your primary care or urgent care provider.

In constituency with the State of California, this notifies the Client that the services rendered under the Freedom Formula are provided by practitioners not licensed as a “healing arts practitioner” and is a complement to “healing arts services licensed by the state”, as a complement to traditional medical care. As alternative care, energy work does not require licensing by the state. All energy work is a form of complementary care, which enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

Energy sessions are performed at the Client’s location of choice and is not necessary to be in the same site as the practitioner. The Client’s positioning and attire is up to their choice and recommended to be in a comfortable manner. The practitioner will help the client’s body to receive energy. The act of energy work will not entail audio or video conferencing and or contact with the practitioner during the session in order to receive energy. Participation is voluntary and the Client may choose to end their participation at any point. Individuals may experience ‘healing reactions’ during the 24 to 48 hours following the services provided. Should any concern arise, it is recommended the Client contact a primary care physician or urgent care.


The Client acknowledges that the Client takes full responsibility for the Client’s life and well-being, as well as the lives and well-being of the Client’s family and children (where applicable), and all decisions made during and after this program. All clients are urged to utilize their individual discretion and judgement in consideration to all information, education, or support being provided within Life Purpose Creator.

The Client expressly assumes the risks of the Program, including inherent risks in any mental/emotional/physical lifestyle changes chosen to be taken by the Client during or after Life Purpose Creator. The Client releases the Coach from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which the Client ever had, now has or will have in the future against the Coach, arising from the Client’s past or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to, the Program, unless arising from the gross negligence of the Coach.


The Coach will keep the Client’s information private, and will not share the Client’s information to any third party unless compelled to by law. The Client does, however, give the Freedom Formula consent to use the Client’s case history and results without using the Client’s name.


In the event that there ever arises a dispute between the the Freedom Formula provider and Client with respect to the services provided pursuant to this agreement or otherwise pertaining to the relationship between the parties, the parties agree to submit to binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas Mediation and Arbitration Rules). Any judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Such arbitration shall be conducted by a single arbitrator. The sole remedy that can be awarded to the Client in the event that an award is granted in arbitration is refund of the Program Fee. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no award of consequential or other damages, unless specifically set forth herein, may be granted to the Client.

This agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of California.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining portions of the Agreement shall be severed and remain in full force.

Agreement of Terms

By purchasing the Freedom Formula, the Client understands agrees to all above stated terms. By doing so, the Client acknowledges that: (1) he/she has received a copy of this letter agreement; (2) he/she has had an opportunity to discuss the contents with the Coach and, if desired, to have it reviewed by an attorney; and (3) the client understands, accepts and agrees to abide by the terms hereof.

As the Client, I understand that by providing this informed consent I am assuming full responsibility for my services and I hold harmless Neil Disyamonthon and all entities participating in the Freedom Formula.

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Freedom Formula

Freedom Formula is the beginning of your soul path and the happiness, ease, & fulfillment you deserve. Finally release the deep rooted block holding you back from the life you were meant to live. 

In 4 weeks, you will receive a gentle yet powerful mix of spiritual healing to break you into your true self. Your true self lives in the heart & from the soul. 

Week 1: Opening Release

  • Akashic Record reading (1 hr) for a soul level conversation with source to give you deep understanding of yourself and your life. You will receive a message, ask questions, and be guided through a powerful deep release to open up your heart as the seat of your soul.
  • Lesson
  • Journaling prompts
  • Recorded healing meditation channeled in the Akashic Records

Week 2: Deep Release

Deepen your understanding of your block as you release it from you physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. 

Week 3: Stepping Into Your Soul's Power

Gain the final pieces of necessary knowledge to understand this soul lesson as you begin to activate the true power of your soul in this lifetime.

Week 4: Total Empowerment & Integration

Learn your next steps in this soul phase of your life as you embody your true self's power and integrate it within the physical, emotional, energetic, & spiritual bodies bringing you into your freedom

Week's 2, 3, & 4 will each include:

  • Channeling (to create extra insight and awareness into the block & activation)
  • Energy Work-30 min (to deeply clear  activate your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies)
  • Lesson
  • Journaling prompts
  • Recorded healing meditation channeled in the Akashic Records

Your Akashic Record reading is through a 1-on-1 zoom audio call.

Each channeled message will be recorded and emailed to you weekly based on the questions you have that week.

Energy work is performed over distance with a brief check-in prior to beginning in order to identify your intentions for the session.

All other resources are provided via an online mini-course designed to support your path to Freedom.