Mentorship for the Soul

Become who you were always meant to be
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I want you to live as the best version of yourself.

This version of yourself is powerful, free, loved and loving, embodied spiritually, and fully alive from your soul. This version of you is free of the troubles you’ve faced in your life and vibrates Source love from the inside out. Life flows with you and moves for you. 

I've created this mentorship opportunity to help you overcome what's getting in the way of living as this version of yourself.

My goal is your spiritual expansion as a person. Our time together will be unique to you and your needs…

We’ll transform limiting beliefs and self-doubt to bring you into ease, abundance, and love. 

We’ll connect you to your inner power and who you truly are & know you’re meant to be.

We’ll unlock deeper spiritual gifts and your body’s unique connection to energy and spirit.

And I’ll be here with you every step along the way.

It’s time for expansion. It's time for more. It's time for what you were meant for.

How It Works


3 Months of Mentorship with 50 minute calls every other week


Explore your soul plan to align your life & energy
Receive channeled & soul intuition, healing, and activations
Be personally guided with support & integration from Neil
Extra support is available outside of sessions through email


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